I have always been a dreamer. As a child, when I didn't have my head in a book reading, I had a pen in my hand, writing. Later, as an adult, I gave working with numbers a try. But, while numbers do have their own magic, I missed words way too much! So I tossed the calculator far, far away and picked up a pen and paper again (although these days it's my laptop). I haven't looked back! 

I live in beautiful bayside Melbourne, Australia, with my two kids, my husband and our fur-baby, Dutch.  Dutch is a bulldog who is exceptionally talented at snoring, farting and stand-up paddle boarding.  Yes, she is a SUP'ing bulldog!

Some more...


My first job, when I was a teenager, was in a fairy shop. I frolicked with fairies and feasted on fairy bread all day long!

I love to sing, much to the dismay of my family, as I don't really have the voice to match the passion.

My favourite movie is The Sound of Music. I've watched it three billion, five hundred and twenty seven times.

On weekends I can often be found wandering in magical forests with my family searching for an illusive unicorn.