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Meowster Chef

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Tonight is the night. The show of the year.
The crowds hurry in, ready to cheer!
Just one of these cats will win the chef’s crown,
and the keys to a sparkly new restaurant in town.

But … with a splash of hijinks and a dash of drama, will any of these contestants make it to the end and be crowned Meowster Chef? Or will their big ideas go up in flames?

"Speedie serves up a picture book that youngsters will lap up whilst simultaneously tickling the tastebuds of older readers (and lovers of Masterchef, like yours truly). Tongue in cheek references to the world’s most popular TV cooking comp will no doubt ignite a grin but you don’t need to be a fan of the show or even a foodie to appreciate the comedy of chaotic competition. Such is the broad and clever appeal this story encapsulates."  

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Illustrator: Marina Verola

Publisher: Larrikin House
Extent: 24pp
Formats: Hardcover / Paperback 

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