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Mozzies vs Flies

"Mozzies Vs Flies is a buzzingly fun read that audiences (young and old) will adore ... For laughs and a half in a gorgeously illustrated rhyming picture book, check out Mozzies Vs Flies."


In a small dusty town, two rival gangs have control of the streets.
Fuzz and the Flies rule the town in the light. While the Mozzies and Cozzie take over at night.

When the School Barbeque is scheduled for 5.30pm - is it day or is it night? How do these two gangs decide who gets the rights to this delicious feast? 

Can the Mozzies and Flies find a compromise or will it all end in an epic sky-high battle?

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Scared Mozzie.png


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Illustrator: Rebel Challenger

Publisher: Larrikin House
Extent: 32pp
Formats: Hardcover / Paperback 

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